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Selling Content

Customers care about their own goals and objectives, and will favour vendors who they believe can contribute towards those goals.

But how do you know exactly what customers value, how to get them to value your services more, and how to stand out in a competitive bidding process (Request For Proposal)?

Content Impact can help you answer these questions.

The customer side experience of our consultants
gives you an edge because we are able to see the world of content through the eyes of customers.

More sales and productivity through Value Optimization Program and RFP Win Rate Optimization

Want to win more RFPs? In many cases RFPs have already been influenced by other vendors by the time your organisation is invited to bid. This lowers your chances of success.

Content Impact offers a complete RFP Optimisation Programme, which will help you develop an approach for engaging with customers pre-RFP, select the right RFPs to bid on, optimise the bid generation process, prepare for a power pitch, and put in place a process for continuous learning and improvement.

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Premium content adds value to business decision making processes. The challenge, however, is to quantify that value in monetary terms, as well as making the intangible value more real and believable.

The more unique value your customers feel you add, the more profit you will make. Content Impact can help you quantify that value, identify opportunities for enhancing it, and develop and approach to continually push the boundaries on value creation.

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Business Strategy Consulting

If the strategy of your content business needs an overhaul, Content Impact can help.

We will work with key stakeholders in your company to develop a joint vision and a fit-for-purpose strategy to turn the vision into reality.

Content Impact will test fit between the strategy and:

  • Available resources.
  • External environment.
  • Management preferences.
  • Organisational design.
We will help translate the strategy into measures and actions through a balanced scorecard.

Development of implementation and communication plans also form part of what we do.

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