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Are you fed up with spending money on generic courses that did not deliver the specific expertise you needed?

Our courses are specific to content acquisition. Below you will find some of the topics we have experience delivering training in.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, our approach is 100% flexible. You can, therefore, choose to mix and match topics and sub-topics to create the perfect course for you.

Your course will be delivered in a friendly open atmosphere, where you can experiment in a risk-free environment.

The style is interactive with opportunities for role plays, where appropriate, to help sharpen your skills.

You can benefit from in-house training with as few as 2 participants!

The more participants on each course, the lower the costs for each additional participant. Discounts range from 30%- 60%.

Delivery options for courses and mentoring include:

  • Half day on-site in-house courses
  • Full day on-site in-house courses
  • Half day virtual in-house courses combining Video Conferencing and WebEx delivery.
  • Any delivery method and course duration that would best meet your needs.
  • On demand one-to-one telephone mentoring, either: (a) as a course follow-on at a discounted rate; or (b) as a stand-alone service with an initial 30 min. free assessment.

Virtual training or telephone mentoring, gives you the added advantages of scheduling flexibility and eliminates  costs associated with having participants travel to the training/mentoring location.

World-class targeted training that makes a difference: negotiation, contract review & drafting, vendor relationship management, RFP development

Vendor Negotiation

Obtain better usage rights, pay less and close deals quicker

All phases in the negotiation cycle are covered - from preparation to final agreement. The aim is to enable you to close better deals faster.

This means creating win/win scenarios, generating innovative options and compressing the negotiation cycle.

Many content supply markets have a monopolistic nature to them, so you will learn some specific negotiation approaches effective in those situations.

Non-monopolistic supply situations are also covered.

RFP Development

Select better vendors by asking smarter questions

Some segments of the content supply market are getting more and more competitive.

Many buying organisations are, therefore, expecting content acquisition professionals to use the Request For Proposal (RFP) process used elsewhere in the organisation.

The quality of vendor responses received through the RFP process is strongly linked to the quality of the questions asked. So, you will learn how to ask the right questions in a way that makes  the RFP less prone to manipulation.

You will also learn about scoring techniques and streamlining the RFP process.

In short, you will learn how to develop and manage an RFP which enables selection of the best vendors.

Vendor Contract Review

Understand "legalese" and avoid risky pitfalls

Good contract review and drafting mitigates risk and maximises opportunity and flexibility.

You will gain a good rounded understanding of key clauses in content agreements.

Often content acquisition professionals need to contract on the vendors terms, so these courses will enable you to interpret, risk assess and redraft vendor clauses.

You will learn to design contracts to reflect the commercial intent negotiated between the parties.

Relationship Management

Get more from vendors every day

Some say that "you are only as good as your suppliers". There is a lot of truth in that. 

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is all about getting the most out of your vendor relationships and creating a competitive edge for your organisation.

Some of what you will learn includes how to:

  • Apply different VRM approaches for different relationships.
  • Boost vendor performance.
  • Design vendor relationships in a way that leverages vendor innovation.

Key Indicator Dashboard

Quantify the positive impact content has on your organisation

This course is about more than vendor statistics. It covers who to influence and why, as well as the various pieces of soft and hard data required to support key messages.

You will learn how to develop and leverage fact based evidence, including building convincing business messages.

Depending on your need, the focus can be on targeting internal and/or external stakeholders, e.g. your senior management or content vendors.

To ensure easy implementation of the learnt concepts, the course explores how to select, collect, and process data in a lean way.

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