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RFP Win Rate Optimisation

Often vendors in the content industry find the Request For Proposal (RFP) process imposed by customers challenging, as it appears to remove vendors from the "selling".

This challenge is set to get worse as Procurement departments are gaining power in most companies - they take the RFP process with them wherever they go.

Content Impact knows this process inside out - and more importantly - how to sell in to it.

Our RFP Win Optimisation Programme is based on many years of experience project managing, developing and evaluating content specific RFPs at blue chip companies. Key programme benefits include:

  • Increased win rate by as much as 30%.
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency enhancements.
  • Increased market share in target industries.

The Content Impact RFP Win Cycle

Impactful Intelligence

The insight we offer is usually not available to vendors, and therefore represents a real competitive advantage.

Our sales-side experience is uniquely underpinned by many years of experience and granular insight from the customer side, including understanding of:

  • Seemingly opaque vendor selection processes.
  • Procurement department beliefs and priorities.
  • Key stakeholders.
  • Best opportunities to influence.

This insight, combined with our content subject matter and industry knowledge, will boost your RFP win rate.

RFP Approach

Our unique model takes a much wider view than just “writing a better RFP response”. 

We look at RFPs as a sales channel in its own right which needs to be actively managed long before the RFP invitation arrives in the in-box. By then, the RFP will have been influenced by other vendors. This reduces your chances of success.

Our approach focuses on engaging pre-RFP, selecting the right RFPs to bid on, optimising the bid generation process, preparing for a power pitch, and putting in place a process for continuous improvement.

Programme Delivery 

Delivery of the RFP Win Rate Optimisation Programme breaks down into two steps.

First step is an interactive workshop for key stakeholders within your organisation involved with RFP submissions. The workshop will:

  • Draw lessons from analyses of past performance
  • Generate new and more effective approaches
  • Develop action plans tailored to your company’s unique situation

The second step is the implementation phase, where Content Impact can provide project management, advisory and other consulting services.

This two-step engagement model allows you to determine the extent of Content Impact’s involvement in the implementation phase.

The workshop may be sufficient on its own, full implementation management may be needed, or something in-between. Content Impact’s implementation phase involvement can be scaled depending on need and budget. 

Working Together 

We recognise that every business is different – and we want to get to know yours better.

So, while we have our own models and approaches, first step is to agree models and methodologies that will work best for your unique situation.

Your RFP optimisation programme will be tailor made to ensure maximum impact.

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