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Mind the human resource gap!

The only constant in business is change itself. People change, processes change, strategies change and organizations change.

All this change may temporarily reduce the human resources your department has available to negotiate and renew content licenses. For example:

  • staff members may take long-term leave;
  • re-organization may lead to reduced head count; and 
  • staff members may voluntarily leave the organization.

Despite these resource gaps, content licenses still need to be negotiated to manage licensing costs and secure appropriate usage rights and other contractual terms.

Fortunately, you can rely on Content Impact to step up and negotiate competitive licenses for you at short notice.

We are a specialized consulting and training company, which offers targeted, flexible and affordable content negotiation solutions.

You can benefit from our specialized negotiation services in the following ways:

  • Expert “behind the scenes” advice and operational support to lessen your work load.
  • Negotiation on a license-by-license basis.
  • Negotiation of your entire license portfolio, or of sub-sets of it.

Whichever service you choose, you will benefit from senior level content acquisition and sales experience built up over many years within companies such as AstraZeneca, Reprints Desk and Thomson Reuters.

This unique expertise and insight translates into high quality timely services you can trust. See the Q&As below for more information or call us for a free initial assessment

Content Impact completed external content negotiations on time and at favorable pricing for the organization.

- Large global pharmaceutical company

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Content Impact capable of “owning” the content acquisition process, i.e. not frequently refer back to its client for instructions and guidance?

A: For more than a decade, Content Impact’s founder, Armand Brevig, has been responsible for negotiating agreements with content vendors on behalf of blue chip companies. Content Impact, therefore, uses a process that has been tested and refined over time.

An important step is to understand your priorities, negotiation boundaries and acceptable alternatives.

This approach allows Content Impact to own the content acquisition process, which, in turn, allows you to spend more time on other priorities…

Q: Which steps in the content acquisition process can Content Impact handle for the client?

A: Once certain initial information has been received, Content Impact can take care of the process end-to-end. Examples of the process steps Content Impact could execute include:

  • Obtain vendor quote
  • Negotiate T&Cs and price
  • Finalise legal contract
  • Issuing of Purchase Orders, invoice reconciliation and payment
  • Capture learning
  • Provide end-users with information which will enable them to comply with the terms of the license.

Q: How does Content Impact hold vendors accountable for delivering on commitments made?

A: Content Impact systematically tracks all commitments made during interactions with vendors and ensures that they are reflected in the contract. We will also raise any performance issues our clients have experienced and seek an appropriate remedy.

Q: Does Content Impact have the capacity to meet the needs of new clients?

A: Yes, and Content Impact also has the flexibility to expand and shrink capacity to match your changing needs. A network of associates means that this can happen quickly.

Q: Can Content Impact negotiate usage terms and other clauses, in addition to price, for both database access and eJournals?

A: Yes, we have more than a decade of experience in doing this across industries.

Q: Can Content Impact negotiate scientific software agreements?

A: Yes, Content Impact has that capability.

Q: Can Content Impact help manage its clients’ portfolios of vendor services/products, and thereby contribute to reducing costs?

A: Yes. Content Impact has partnered with de Stricker Associates to deliver a high quality service in this area.

De Stricker Associates has decades of needs assessment experience within the special library space across industries. Content Impact founder, Armand Brevig has many years blue chip content Category Management experience.

This is a winning combination which allows Content Impact to deliver savings and value for clients through spend analysis, opportunity identification and active portfolio management.

Q: Sometimes vendors issue contracts with radically different wording compared to previous versions. Can Content Impact identify gaps in coverage and rights in newly issued vendor contracts, so that rights are not lost?

A: Yes, Content Impact’s founder, Armand Brevig, has more than a decade experience doing this type of comparative analysis.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Requirements of customers vary with respect to the exact process and extent of work Content Impact needs to do. Therefore, the first step is an initial assessment. It may also be appropriate to run a pilot based on a small sub-set of contracts.

This may allow for a more accurate assessment of the workload. A fixed per contract fee can then be calculated. Content Impact is open to various pricing models, including part performance-link fees where appropriate.

Q: Can Content Impact be trusted to deliver a timely quality service?

A: Yes, absolutely! Content Impact founder, Armand Brevig’s reputation with respect to vendor negotiations is unparalleled. Armand’s LinkedIn recommendations include statements such as:

“Armand is…pragmatic and logical in his thinking, and [has] a great ability to see the big picture”

“His straightforward and professional approach … enabled negotiations to be conducted in an open and frank way that… led to successful outcomes and long term business relationships.”

“I am… extremely impressed with his sharp business approach, win-win orientation, and focus on productive vendor-client relationships.”

“…a true professional with a great understanding of information content markets and suppliers”

 “…attention to detail and excellent negotiating skills”

 “…ability to broker the best possible deal in very difficult circumstances”

Armand has shared his content acquisition expertise by delivering presentations or acting as a moderator at 15 international conferences and webinars since 2005.

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