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Customer Value Optimisation

Premium content adds value to business decision making processes. The challenge, however, is to quantify that value in monetary terms, as well as making the intangible value more real and believable.

Content vendors’ ability to demonstrate and increase value to the customer has a direct impact on the bottom line. 

Content Impact understands the world of content, both from the customers’ and the vendor’s perspective.

We are therefore uniquely placed to provide you with business consulting services that will:

  • Uncover and quantify the value customers attach to your products and services.
  • Identify actionable opportunities for enhancing value as perceived by customers.
  • Develop an approach for continuously influencing value perceptions.

Content Impact’s value mapping and enhancement methodology

Earn More Profit 

Vendors who add more unique value to their customer's operations earn more profit. It really is that simple - well, almost…

First you need to be clear on what value means – not to you, but to your customers. Customers are not always clear on that themselves, so it may take some digging, investigation and analysis.

As an outsider who understands content and customer behaviours, Content Impact accelerates the value discovery and enhancement processes by:

  • Collecting data and insight.
  • Infusing new ideas and perspectives.
  • Facilitating internal/external working sessions.
  • Project managing the initiative.
  • Developing recommendations and action plans.

Our Methodology 

We use a structured, yet flexible, approach to discover, understand, quantify, map and enhance customer value.

Adding more value is only part of the equation. So, our proprietary frameworks consider whether value is unique or generic – the aim being to gain a competitive edge by pursuing unique value along the customer’s critical path.

We also focus on communicating value when the customer is in the right frame of mind to internalise the message.

Impactful value stories need to be told in an inspiring way which respects the customer as an intelligent professional.

Working Together 

Content Impact recognises that every business is different – and we want to get to know yours better.

So, while we have our own models and approaches, first step is to agree value models and methodologies that will work best for your unique situation.

Your customer value programme will be tailor made to ensure maximum impact.

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