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Content Impact is a specialised consulting and training organisation, which offers targeted, flexible and affordable solutions to help you:

  • Obtain widest possible content licensing rights, while managing vendor fees.

  • Reduce overheads associated with content acquisition and/or free up your staff to add value at a more strategic level.

  • Influence senior management by illustrating the value of content through facts and figures.

  • Get the most out of your investments in content, while reducing risk of copyright breach.

You can benefit from our expertise in the way most suitable for you.

For example, if you want help with negotiating vendor contracts you may choose to have us train your staff, provide “behind the scene” advice, negotiate a single contract on your behalf or negotiate all your contracts for you.

Alternatively, the solution to your particular challenge may be an effective and innovative combination of our training, consulting, outsourcing and recruitment services.

Regardless of the way you chose to leverage our expertise, you will benefit from senior level content acquisition and sales experience built up over many years within companies such as AstraZeneca, Reprints Desk and Thomson Reuters.

This unique expertise and insight translates into high quality timely services you can trust.

Complete content acquisition services – recruitment, training, outsourcing, and consulting


Have you ever wished you had more suitable candidates to choose from when filling content acquisition roles?

Content Impact can get you the relevant CVs/resumes you need through our deep business relationships and global candidate database.

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Content budgets tend to be tight, so your content negotiators must be at the top of their game.

Content Impact offers content acquisition specific training. These courses build immediate competences in a way that no generic course can.

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If there are peaks and troughs in your content acquisition activities, Content Impact can lend a helping hand during busy times.

Alternatively,you can outsource the entire content acquisition business process to us to save costs and access world-class talent. 

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Content acquisition is about more than deal making. Content Impact provides world-class support in all stages of the content acquisition cycle.

This 360 content acquisition consulting service includes:
  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Content Sourcing
  3. Compliance
  4. Deployment & User Orientation
  5. Value Check
  6. Vendor Relationship Management
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