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360 Acquisition Consulting

There is much more to content acquisition than deal making. Consider this:

1. Are you sure you are licensing the right content in the first place?

2. Are you sure you have obtained adequate usage rights and contract flexibility to support your organisation today ... and tomorrow?

3. Do you have reliable processes in place to ensure company-wide compliance with vendor terms & conditions?

4. Do you have action plans in place to ensure smooth deployment of the newly acquired service and training of end users?

5. Are you sure the content is actually helping you derive the anticipated business value?

6. Do you have structures and processes in place to manage the on-going vendor relationship?

7. Do you consistently track the impact content has on your organisation and communicate it to key stakeholders in a convincing and tangible way?

The following world-class consulting services are available as an integrated programme or as individual components, depending on your needs.

360 Acquisition Consulting is a complete solution which delivers results

1. Needs Assessment 

Change is the only constant in business. So don’t assume the past content requirements remain relevant today. Get an up-to-date picture of what your knowledge workers need before you proceed to spend.

We conduct a tried and true needs assessment to understand and map your knowledge workers' daily activities, information related challenges, and practices for inter-collegial exchange. 

The mapping gives you a foundation for prioritising the type and nature of the content you need to support their work - and in addition uncovers opportunities to optimise aspects of knowledge management you may not have been aware of.

2. Content Sourcing

Based on confirmed content needs, we manage the process of identifying potential vendors and comparing their offerings.

Then, we manage the sourcing process, which typically includes Request For Proposal (RFP), negotiation and contracting. We act as your trusted adviser every step through the process of weighing your options against the backdrop of your prioritised needs.

Once we have delivered the final contract to your organisation, you are ready for deployment.

3. Compliance

Putting the right measures in place to demonstrate copyright compliance is challenging and often expensive. Yet it is an absolute necessity to manage risk and maintain good vendor relationships.

Content Impact can help by converting legal contract language to plain English DOs & DON’Ts, ready  to share with internal users.

Content Impact is experienced in interpreting content usage rights clauses, as well as conducting risk assessments and obtaining vendor confirmation where contract wording is ambiguous.

4. Deployment & User Orientation 

Content solutions only deliver value if adopted by users. Getting roll-out right the first time is, therefore, important.

We work with your technical staff and the vendors to deploy the content on your internal systems and to deliver it to mobile devices.  We test the deployment to ensure smooth roll-out from a technical point of view.

Content Impact creates engaging roll-out communications that will help knowledge workers get the maximum value from your investment. 

We also help devise the right mix of in-house orientations and vendor training sessions - so your knowledge workers are comfortable and skilled in using the content. 

Finally, we orchestrate the adoption phase to minimise the learning curve of your knowledge workers, allowing them to “hit the ground running”.

5. Value Check

It is vital to check back with key stakeholders to verify that the content is delivering the expected value.

After a period of 6-9 months, we conduct an assessment to gauge how well the content has been integrated in the daily activities of your knowledge workers and to determine the perception they have of the value of the content.  The assessment may point to a need for additional user orientation or to a future tweaking of the content contract with the vendor.

6. Vendor Relationship Management

To ensure you continue to derive value from your new services and fully leverage the vendor’s innovation, the relationship needs to be actively managed.

Content Impact will help you put the right structures and processes in place to build and manage appropriate vendor relationships.

7. Key Indicator Dashboard

You need facts and figures to quantify the impact content has on your organisation. 

We will work with you to put together the various pieces of soft and hard data required to support key stakeholder messages and build convincing business cases.

Depending on your need, the focus can be on targeting internal and/or external stakeholders, e.g. your senior management or content vendors.

Selecting, collecting, and processing data is an on-going process, rather than a one-off activity. Content Impact will help you make this process lean, and thereby also sustainable.

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