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Companies in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, investment banking, management consulting, mobile telephony, broadcasting and automotive rely on licensed content for a variety of reasons. 

Support for R&D activities, executing trades of financial securities and helping differentiate product offerings, are some vital uses of content across industries.

When buyers and sellers of content are well prepared before a negotiation, e.g. by understanding the other parties challenges and likely position, both parties win.

Buyers obtain more appropriate commercial terms and vendors discover more opportunities for adding value. Negotiating content deals does not have to be a zero sum game!

Content Impact is a specialised consulting and training company, which offers targeted, flexible and affordable solutions to both buyers and vendors of content.

Complete content acquisition services – recruitment, training, outsourcing, and consulting

Buying content...

Are any of these questions on your mind?

“I have fewer staff members available to negotiate content deals due to long-term leave, staff leavers or re-organisation. How am I going to get the renewals completed in time?”

“Given budgetary constraints, what can I do to obtain more appropriate commercial terms and more value from vendors?”

“How can I get the most out of my existing investment in content, while reducing the risk of copyright breach?”

“How can I convincingly illustrate the value of content to senior management through facts and figures?”

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More sales and productivity through Value Optimization Program and RFP Win Rate Optimization

Selling content...

Are any of these questions on your mind?

“How can my sales team develop enhanced customer insight quicker, and thereby sell more?”

“In what ways does my strategy need to change to protect and capture market share?”

“How does my sales team obtain the insight needed to increase our Request For Proposal (RFP) win-rates?”

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